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To make a difference, we have to be different

We work in partnership with you to build and implement the strategy you decide on.


We review your financial information, goals and objectives prior to meeting you, so we can focus on your priorities when we meet.


During our first meeting, we delve into your life in more detail and become clear on your objectives, to help you build the strategy that suits you.


We educate you on the investment options available to you and work with you to build your strategy in a way that you understand and are comfortable with. 


We work in partnership with you to build and implement your strategy and break your long term goals down into manageable steps.


We review your goals with you to ensure they always remain relevant. We also provide you with ongoing support throughout the year to keep you on track.


As a small business owner, it is important to us that our business is able to receive timely and accurate support on a wide range of taxation and business issues. In the past year the team have assisted us with transition through a total business re-structure and have remained on call to answer all our questions throughout this process. They have a knack for explaining things in a language that we can easily understand.


My partner and I realised that we needed to plan for our financial future, but with so many products and different ways of investing, we quickly came to the decision to seek professional advice. Aaron has provided us with a service which has been nothing short of brilliant. The fees we are paying Omniwealth are proving to be an investment that has already more than paid for itself. Omniwealth is proving to be one of the best financial decisions we have ever made.


We have found your service to be of the highest level of professionalism. Your level of integrity and respect toward us as clients is outstanding. This is of great value and therefore we treat your advice accordingly.


I am a self employed Beauty Therapist. I have been with Omniwealth for almost 6 years. They have such a great way of making sense of money. They gave me some great “tools of advice”, and then took it so much further than just advice. They helped solve my financial problems. Within a 12 month period, they showed me how to clear a large debt. I now have a much better understanding of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ and I actually know what my future will look like.


We had a great experience with Omniwealth. It was made simple and easy and without the hassle of dealing with all the hoops and forms you need to jump through. I would recommend Omniwealth over and over again as they are interested in actually helping you and breaking down barriers as opposed to putting up walls when it comes to the big banks.


A lot of time was invested in us making sure that we fully understood what it will take to reach our goal of a nice income in retirement.

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Omniwealth is located in Australia Square, between Wynyard Station and Bridge Street Tram Stop.

L 33, 264 George St, Sydney

+61 2 9258 1170

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